None of Your One Piece's Ending Theories are Right!
Iwasaki, OP's current editor. (Pic: @EtenBoby via
DEWAWEB, Anima – Many people made up their theory about One Piece’s ending. One that I’ve ever read or watched in any websites or forum.

The general theory is that once the Marie Joa destroy, the sea will unite making all-blue as Sanji’s dream about. And every dream of Straw Hat Pirate’s crews will be achieved. Correct me if I wrong.

Oh, it sounds good. I forgot the details of that I’ve been read or watched. But, did you know that One Piece editor said that nothing are close to the answer?

I read it on @EtenBoby Twitter account. The tweet stated that Iwasaki learned about OP’s ending on his 24th birthday.

… He also watches theory videos on the ending from OP fans on youtube and tv shows, and he said that none of them are close to the answer,” as written in his post at December 26th, 2020.

So, he’s just throwing a joke or it’s a serious statements? If Iwasaki was serious, the ending will be something unpredictable to us right now. At chapter 1000 we don’t have any prediction how the situation in New World will be. Oda just said that will be a greater war in Wano (greater than Marineford Arc).

He’d said that no romance between SHP crews, but indicated that there’s a possibility of Luffy and Nami romance. One Piecce is getting interesting at chapter 1.000. Who’s red-hair person will make a move as Oda mentioned in Jump Vesta 2021? Is it Shanks? Will he going to Wano or make a movement in another territory of New World.

My last question, do you believe that all the ending theories on internet is far from the actual ending? Give your opinion.




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